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SOHO Plumbing is the leading plumbing hardware supplier online store in Malaysia. With a humble beginning as a hardware retail shop located in Kota Bharu, we have quickly developed a reputation for quality and honest workmanship. Throughout the years, we always believe in quality products and also excellent customer service experience. That is why the SOHO plumbing and bathroom hardware products have been the preferred choice of many satisfied customers. Other than that, we are also the sole distributor of the COTTA brand of plumbing hardware in Malaysia. Whether you are an experienced renovator, or are a newbie looking to one-up your new home, talk to any of our professional consultants. We are more than glad to assist you at all times.
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Fast Delivery

16 June 2021

Dah byk kali deal dgn SOHO. Servis tip top...terbaik !

16 June 2021

Good value for money. Will purchase again !

16 June 2021