About Us

It's all raise from a significant man behind the brand Mr Lim Kok Siang, the managing director of SOHO Plumbing & Hardware Sdn Bhd. SOHO Plumbing & Hardware is a retail / wholesale plumbing hardware company that supply various type of equipment for PLUMBING, Sewerage, Sanitary Wares, Fire Fighting, Agriculture packed with over 30 years of the market experience. The brand has gained significant recognitions in the industry, but the milestone has been pushed further with the leadership of Mr Lim. The humble beginnings band has mark it’s appearance throughout the whole Malaysia from the town of Kelantan.


At the year of 2009 Mr Lim joined the team for the very first time, the entire blueprint of the brand route map has strikes in his thoughtful mind over and over again, which makes him realized the faithful call to bring the brand to the next height. He continues to take in more brands that are quality, trendy, and practical over time to stay competitive in the market, the top notch brands like Molecor SEA Sdn Bhd Plant VAG,COTTA, CL, ROTO and more By carrying such quality brands packed with fine quality of service, SOHO has been welcomed and loved by numerous developers, contractors, interior designers, architecture and other relevant professionals.


The next milestone for the company is to develop into online e-commerce.Ecommerce continues to evolve at a rapid pace, and the brand need to keep up with the latest online shopping trends to continue to boost the brand’s clients’ sales and stay ahead of the competition. The brand will develop a full scale online platform to simplify and enhance the sales process, which allow all partners to place their order through a comprehensive steps online while keeping the operation performance at the most efficiency rate.


However, the founder believes that the online market is developing and early in the stage, hence, by having a brick and mortar approach is another contingency plan to bring the sales volume and service quality to peak SOHO Plumbing Hardware Sdn Bhd will continue expand the business to other states in order to provide the best product and service quality to all client As the team are expanding rapidly and projects volume are raising as well, the brand promise to always perform at the best and make every projects a successful one.


Think of building and construction supplies, SOHO Plumbing Hardware Sdn Bhd will always here to serve you at our best! Keep things flowing with our wide collection offline quality, plumbing supplies and plumbing fixtures for your property, high quality and innovative sanitary ware products for every washroom, hygiene and effective sewerage system for you house It’s all made easy with SOHO Plumbing Hardware Sdn Bhd.