One of the Most Productive Farming Equipment Suppliers in the Market

Sprinklers, Hydroponics and Hoses to suit your farming needs

Whether you run a small-scale farming business or a large provision supplier, here at Sohoph, we have all the tools and equipment you require to improve your agricultural productivity. Our catalogue consists of hydroponic systems, sprinklers and hoses for all water piping operations for farming.

Our hydroponic system is perfect for growing your vegetables home in a controlled environment without attracting pests. We also carry brand-leading sprinkler products engineered to cover large areas of land efficiently and effectively. Our hoses are durable and rugged to withstand weather conditions with different lengths and sizes.

Compared with other suppliers, Soho has 30 years of market experience in plumbing and hardware. Don’t wait any longer. Upgrade your farming equipment to increase your agricultural productivity and grow your success!


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