Fire Fighting
Fire Fighting
Fire Fighting

Fire fighting equipment is generally comprised of hundreds of different pieces of equipment and technology. Fire Fighting Equipment that we are supplying such as:

  • Extinguishers – using water, dry chemical powder, foam, carbon dioxide, or other substances
  • Fire fighter’s gear – fire resistant outer suit, inner lining suit, inner and outer gloves, woolen socks, fire resistant shoes, helmet (with or without headlight), communication system, and breathing apparatus
  • Installed fire fighting system – main water supply network, hydrant, sprinkler (automatic or manual), emergency fuel and electric cut off system, portable generators, and portable pumps
  • Communication equipment – walkie-talkie, radio, broadcasts, landline telephone, sound powered telephone, cell or mobile phone, and voice pipe
  • Fire detection and alarm systems – smoke, frame, spark detectors, local, centralized automatic, semi-automatic, and manual fire alarm systems
  • Other accessories – water and sand bucket, shovel, hammer, fire axe, cutters, hooks, fire blanket, emergency lifesaving apparatus, and emergency lights
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