Your One-Stop Supplier for Poly Pipe Fittings, PVC and UPVC Pipes in Malaysia

PVC Pipes that are Dependable and Robust for a Variety of Applications

Sohoph Poly pipe fittings come in various sizes and styles to accommodate any plumbing application. These fittings are constructed from superior materials and built to last in Malaysia's demanding commercial and industrial settings. 

We also have various PVC pipes in addition to our poly pipe fittings. These PVC pipes are widely used for irrigation, water distribution, and drainage purposes. The pipes we supply are built to last even under frequent and high regular usage, and our products are highly dependable.

Our UPVC Pipes, Perfect for Construction Needs

We have a variety of UPVC pipes. The unplasticised polyvinyl chloride used to create these pipes gives them a long lifespan and immunity to corrosion. Drainage, water supply, and wastewater treatment are only some of the many uses that can be installed and used.

Our UPVC pipes are designed with low maintenance, cost-effective, eco-friendly and lightweight benefits. All these are significant features to make our products more appealing for commercial pipe installations.

As the leading supplier of PVC and UPVC pipes in Malaysia, we guarantee customers our commitment. Please contact us if you have any queries about making an order. If you need assistance determining which product will work best for you, our staff will be happy to help. 

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