Optimal Solar Water Heater in Malaysia

Saving, Intelligent and Reliable Solar Heater Specialist for your Homes

Are you looking for a reliable, cost-effective, eco-friendly solution to your water heater system? Our solar gold water heater system is perfect for warm and steamy baths on some of Malaysia’s cold rainy days.

Prolong Lifespan for Cleaner Water

Our Solar heater system is designed for people concerned about the quality of their heated water. With stainless steel built, the materials used are essential to prevent corrosion and increase the water tank's lifespan and the water's cleanliness.

Intelligent Control system for Smart Monitoring

The Solar Gold also comes with an Intelligent Controller system that allows users to customise their water temperature and monitor the water level in the tank. It comes with an intelligent display that has a clear indication in signalling the tank information. Manual or automatic, users can set their options as they see fit. In the case of technical issues, the intelligent controller can easily display problems that can be done on our end.


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